Basta phenotype?

Joshua Mylne J.Mylne at
Sat Mar 20 12:28:47 EST 1999

I have noticed in my arabidopsis transgenics which were
transformed with a Basta binary vector that a few plants from
different constructs have got really small siliques all the way along
the bolt.  The siliques usually only hold 2 or 3 seeds (if any).  I
initially thought it was a phenotype but I saw it for more than one
construct and then after planting some seed from these plants, the
T2 plants looked completely normal.  Co-workers using KmR said
they haven't seen this commonly.

What I would like to know is: 1. Does this happen much for people
not using Basta?  2. Has anyone using Basta seen the same
thing? and 3. Does anyone know what causes it?


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