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Rod Savidge savidge at unb.ca
Tue Mar 30 14:19:09 EST 1999

At 09:40 AM 30/03/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Rod,
>	A short note to say what a pleasure it was to meet you last week!  I
>had a great time at the meeting, and look forward to the next one (whenever,
>	In response to your 'revelation' at the meeting, I checked Flora
>Europaea when I returned to work and discover at least one Arabidopsis
>that is said to be perennial, A. toxophylla (sounds quite nasty!) from 'salty
>areas in the general area of Russia'.


>	Nigel

Dear Nigel,

Thank you for the kind remarks about the conference ("Vascular Development
in Perennial Woody Plants", Heriot-Watt U., Edinburgh, March 1999).  I was
pleased that everyone hung on to the final day to learn about Zinnia and
Arabidopsis research.  The exchanges that took place are certain to
facilitate progress.

The perennial Arabidopsis species the name of which I was unable to recall
at the meeting is A. novae-angliae (Rydb.) Britton (syn. Arabis petraea
Hook, Sisymbrium humile Wats. & Coult., Braya humilis Robinson, Pilosella
novae-angliae Rydb.).  It was first described in 1829 and grows in  he NE
USA and SE Canada.  It is perennial, erect, 4-10 ft. tall.  I know nothing
about its chromosome number or genome size, and that will undoubtedly be a
critically important consideration for those who may contemplate applying
existing knowledge to it.

I look forward to getting the book out by this time next year, and thank
you for your contribution.

Rod Savidge

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