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Andrew Bent a-bent at uiuc.edu
Mon Mar 29 21:25:40 EST 1999

<x-rich><bold><color><param>0000,7777,0000</param>Postdoctoral Position and Lab
Technician Position - Plant Defense Signal Transduction

</color></bold>Andrew Bent and laboratory are moving to University of
Wisconsin - Madison in July 1999.

One or more Postdoctoral Scientist positions will be available to study
plant defense signal transduction.  Much of our work focuses on the
interaction of <italic>Arabidopsis</italic> with <italic>Pseudomonas
syringae</italic> bacterial pathogens.  Projects active in our lab
include functional analysis of the RPS2 resistance gene product,
analysis of <italic>DND</italic> genes and <italic>dnd</italic>
("defense, no death") mutants that activate resistance but do not
activate the hypersensitive programmed cell death response, and
identification of additional genes that participate in plant defense
signal transduction.  Additional projects involve soybean mutants that
are altered in their defense response, and exploitation of the
<italic>Arabidopsis</italic> knowledge base and genomics tools to study
disease resistance in soybean.  Postdoctoral scientists will be offered
substantial independence to initiate new projects or to pursue projects
that they can "take with them."

A Lab Technician position will be available starting June 1 or soon
thereafter.  Salaried position with benefits; position is open to
career technicians or to persons at intermediate stages of their
education and training.  Experience with molecular biology is highly
desirable.  Experience with one or more of molecular genetics, cell
biology, biochemistry, plant biology, and/or plant pathology also
desirable but not required.  An active interest in research science is
essential.  Organizational and people skills are also desired - this
job will include many one-on-one teaching opportunities.  Areas of
research interest are outlined in previous paragraph.

For both positions, please send cover letter, C.V. and the name,
address, e-mail and telephone numbers of three personal references to:

Dr. Andrew Bent, Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois,
1201 West Gregory Dr., Urbana, IL 61801; e-mail: a-bent at uiuc.edu; fax

For further information feel free to call: 217-244-6308.

Selected References:

Yu, I.-c., J. Parker and A. F. Bent, 1998.  Gene-for-gene disease
resistance without the hypersensitive response in <italic>Arabidopsis
dnd1</italic> mutant.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 95:7819-7824.

Hoffman, T., J. S. Schmidt, X. Zhang and A. F. Bent, 1999.  Isolation
of ethylene-insensitive soybean mutants that are altered in pathogen
susceptibility and gene-for-gene disease resistance.  Plant Physiology

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for <italic>Agrobacterium</italic> -mediated transformation of
Arabidopsis thaliana.  Plant J. 16:735-743.

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structure.  Plant Cell 8:1757-1771.


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