AFGC Service Facility

Pam Green pjgmgr at
Thu Nov 18 11:47:46 EST 1999

Next year, the Arabidopsis Functional Genomics Consortium
(AFGC) will start a service facility for DNA microarray analysis. For
information about this facility, including how to request
experiments, and other aspects of our NSF-sponsored project,
please see our web site at

The applications for DNA microarrays are abstract-like and there
are three deadlines per year, the first being Dec. 15, 1999.

Mike Sussman announced previously that the T-DNA Knockout
Facility opened in October, 1999.  The web site for the Knockout
Facility is and it can also
be reached via a link from the AFGC site.

Best wishes from the AFGC,
Pam Green
Ken Keegstra
John Ohlrogge
Ellen Wisman
Shauna Somerville
Mike Cherry
Mike Sussman
Rick Amasino
Sandra Austin-Phillips
Steve Dellaporta

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