Gentamycin selection

Immink, R. R.Immink at
Wed Oct 13 12:36:29 EST 1999

Dear "Aranetters",

At the moment I'm setting up selection with gentamycin for my arabidopsis
transformants. I tryed concentration of 15, 25 and 40 mg/l Gentamycin
(Medium: 0.5x MS, no sugar, 0.8% Agar). 15 and 25 mg seems to be to low, 40
to high. Is there anybody who has experience with genta selection? What is
the optimal concentration? Should I add sugar to the medium? Is it maybe
better to use phytagel in stead of agar?

Any advise is welcome. Thanks in advance.

Richard (G.H.) Immink
Developmental Biology
Droevendaalsesteeg 1
6700 AA Wageningen
+31 317 477129
R.Immink at CPRO.DLO.NL

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