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Hello Kim,

Did you try lovastatin? It is thought to inhibit zeatin synthesis in BY-2
cells (Laureys, F., Dewitte, W., Witters, E., Vanmontagu, M., InzÈ, D. and
Vanonckelen, H., (1998).  Zeatin is indispensable for the g(2)-m transition
in tobacco BY-2 cells.  FEBS Lett.  426, 29-32).
I think it is made by Merck Sharp & Dohm.
Be cautious though, since it is NOT a specific inhibitor of cytokinins but
of mevalonic acid.


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> Dear Aranetters,
> is anyone aware of any commercial sources of cytokinin biosynthesis
> inhibitors or other compounds that inhibit cytokinin action? I have only
> been able to find references in which the inhibitor was synthesized in the
> authour's lab.
> Kim Boutilier
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