fungal problems

Koenraad Tierens koenraad.tierens at
Mon Oct 18 14:10:20 EST 1999

Dear Arabidopsis people,

We seem to be dealing with a fungal infection in our Arabidopsis growth rooms
which is becoming severe... The fungus is able to infect plants in different
growth stages and to sporulate on them, up to now we were not able to identify
the origin or the exact nature (it looks like a Botrytis spp) of this organism
but we would like to know wether anybody out there has been dealing with
fungal infections as well and found a good gaseous fungicidal treatment to
disinfect the complete space of the growth room. Most commercial companies
only supply contact applications but because we think there is a reasonable
chance that the fungus spreads through our air circulation system, possible a
gaseous treatment is more recommended...

thanks in advance for any suggestions

Tierens Koenraad
FA Janssens laboratorium of genetics
Kardinaal Mercierlaan 92
B-3001 Heverlee
tel + 00 32 016 32 96 58
fax + 00 32 016 32 19 66

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