Five Postdocs: Molecular Basis of Insect Resistance

Thomas Mitchell-Olds tmo at
Wed Oct 20 11:18:25 EST 1999

Five postdoctoral fellowships are available at the Max Planck Institute of
Chemical Ecology to study anti-herbivore defenses in Arabidopsis, tobacco
and related species. Research in the Department of Genetics and Evolution
will use functional genomics and QTL mapping to study insect resistance.
Research in the Department of Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
emphasizes the molecular regulation of glucosinolate and terpenoid
metabolism. The institute is international in character, with English the
daily language. Additional information can be found at Review of applications will begin 26 November,
1999. Please send CV, statement of research interests, addresses and phone
numbers of three references to Molecular Biology Search; Max Planck
Institute of Chemical Ecology; Tatzendpromenade 1a; 07745 Jena, Germany;
Contacts: Thomas Mitchell-Olds (Molecular Genetics & Evolution) Phone:
+49-3641-643657; Email: tmo at; Jonathan Gershenzon (Plant
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) Phone: +49-3641-643661; e-mail:
gershenzon at

Why consider ICE?

Industrial strength support for your research

Academic freedom to pursue the most exciting questions

Great colleagues - close collaborators in genetics, biochemistry,
bioinformatics, chemistry, and molecular ecology.

Our researchers get jobs: faculty positions at University of British
Columbia, Washington State University, Purdue University, University of
Idaho, University for Agricultural
Science - Vienna; permanent research positions with Agrevo, Medical
Research Council, etc.

Visit Munich, Prague, Venice, London, or the Alps for the weekend - without

See for yourself: after interviewing in our institute, 100% of scientific
candidates have accepted our postdoctoral fellowships.


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