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David Finkelstein finkel at
Fri Oct 22 10:19:02 EST 1999

Hi All,

Thank you for the great responses to our category questions.

Here is a summary of suggestions I've received so far:

-include Mutant Gene Alias

-Q. Isn't Growth Regulator and Hormone redundant? A. Growth regulators
 are synthetic e.g. diphenylurea, while hormones are defined as endogenous.

-Q. Why does Cu not appear under toxic metals? A. We classed Cu as a
 micronutrient, although excess Cu is toxic.

-# of fully expanded leave are a poor measure of age. Try # leaves/primordia

-include category for #leaves/type i.e. cotyledons, primary
 leaves,cauline leaves, etc.

-development category should include sterility (ms, fs, ms/fs) as well as

-flower RNA should be subdivided into, petals, pollen etc.

-time of day is better described as time under illumination prior to harvest

-plant-pathogen interactions should include compatible, incomptabile and
 non-host interactions

-there is a general concern that RNA fractions and tissue types need to be
 very tightly defined

David Finkelstein

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