Missouri Symposium-Protein Phosphoryaltion

John C. Walker WalkerJ at missouri.edu
Fri Oct 22 16:56:11 EST 1999

First Announcement
The 2000 Missouri Symposium will focus on  Protein Phosphorylation in Plants.

The meeting will be held in Columbia, Missouri April 12-15, 2000.

We are currently seeking input from the Plant Sciences community for
suggested topics and speakers.  We are particulary interested in
identifying investigators new to the field.

This will be the third Missouri Symposium on Protein Phosphorylation.
Registration announcements will follow but attendance will be limited to
250 participants.  If you want to receive registration information please
send an email with mailing address.  Based on previous meeting early
registration is encouraged.

Please send comments and suggestions to:

Doug Randall <RandallD at missouri.edu>

John C. Walker <WalkerJ at missouri.edu>

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