Gal4 antibody

Min Ni minni at
Fri Oct 22 21:28:27 EST 1999

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<DIV>Hi Iris,</DIV>
<DIV>You could try the monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies against Gal4BD from
Santa Cruz Biotechnology. The quality is quiet good. Though, I don't have any
experiences using these antibodies against Gal4 fusions from total plant
extracts. Good luck!</DIV>
<DIV>Min Ni</DIV>
<DIV>Dear netters:<BR><BR>We are looking for an antibody that recognizes the
DNA-binding domain of<BR>GAL4 and that works in an Arabidopsis total protein
background. The<BR>monoclonal Ab Clontech sells does not work well in our
hands.<BR><BR>Any help is highly


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