Agro C58C1 (MP90), Bio-Rad E.coli Pulser, TACs

M. Olney olneyma at
Wed Oct 27 18:20:02 EST 1999

My students and I plan to do some transformations with TAC clones as
described by Liu et al., 1999 (PNAS 96: 6546-6540).  Does anyone know
of a source for Agro strain C58C1 (MP90)?

Also, has anyone tried the new Bio-Rad E.coli Pulser for transforming
Agro?  The settings look compatible, but the Bio-Rad technical
support people assure me that it will only work for E.coli and that I
will have to buy the Gene Pulser II that is twice as expensive.

Finally, does anyone have any general advice for working and
transforming with TACs?  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

-Margaret Olney, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Earlham College
Richmond, IN  47374
olneyma at

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