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Plant Physiology</i> LAUNCHES BEST PAPER AWARD<br>
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Each year <i>Plant Physiology</i> will sponsor the Young Scientistís Best
ìPlant Biologyî Paper-of-the-Year Award.<br>
The winning paper will be selected by a committee that is composed of the
Editor-in-Chief and selected members of the editorial board of <i>Plant
Physiology</i>.&nbsp; Nominations can be submitted by editorial board
members, reviewers, or others familiar with the scientific content of the
paper.&nbsp; Each year in November, ASPP will remind its members by
e-mail and via the <i>ASPP NEWS</i> to nominate papers for the
prize.&nbsp; Letters of nominations should not exceed two pages and
should describe the research, its significance, and the role that the
first author (i.e. the nominee) played in the discovery process.&nbsp;
Articles must have been published during the previous calendar year.
Papers that show truly novel mechanistic or conceptual insights at any
level of biological complexity, from the molecular to the whole plant,
will be considered.<br>
</font><font face="Palatino" size=4>Six copies of the nominating letter
and six copies of the paper should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief of
<i>Plant Physiology</i>. The deadline for submission each year will be
February 15, and the selection will be made during March.&nbsp; The
winner will be announced in <i>Plant Physiology</i> and in the <i>ASPP
NEWS</i>, as well as in the program of the Societyís annual meeting. The
winner will be the first author of the paper and, to qualify, must have
been a graduate student or postdoc at the time the work was performed or
the paper was written. If two authors contributed equally and their
publication is chosen for an award, the prize will be split between the
two.&nbsp; For scientists not on a traditional career track, five years
of professional work post-Ph.D. will be the cutoff for
</font><font face="Times New Roman, Times" size=4>The award will consist
of a $1,000 cash prize and a subsidy of up to $1,500 to attend the ASPP
annual meeting the year of the award. The ASPP Program Committee will
schedule an appropriate minisymposium at the annual meeting that will
feature a presentation by the award recipient.&nbsp; The winner and her
or his presentation will be highlighted in the program. <br>
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