Reports from NSF-funded workshops on plant research

Sue Rhee rhee at acoma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Apr 17 10:09:49 EST 2000

Dear Arabidopsis researchers,

Recently NSF funded two workshops to help promote discussions on the
directions for plant research in the next ten years.

Reports from these workshops, held at the Salk Institute and Carnegie
Institution of Washington, Department of Plant Biology, respectively, are
available from TAIR. We thank Joe Ecker and Machi Dilworth for making them

Realizing the potential of plant genomics: From Model Systems to the
understanding of diversity

The multinational coordinated Arabidopsis 2010 project: Functional
genomics and the virtual plant: A blueprint for understanding how plants
are built and how to improve them

These reports and the last 7 Arabidopsis Genome Research Project Progress
Reports are linked from our homepage at

The TAIR Team


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