Arabidopsis GAL4-library

Immink, R. R.Immink at
Tue Apr 18 09:35:54 EST 2000

Dear Aranetters,

In our lab we are studying the MADS box-group of transcription factors from
Petunia. Recently, we obtained a nice phenotype by overexpression of  a
petunia MADS box gene in Arabidopsis. Based on these results, we would like
to do a Yeast two-hybrid screen with this petunia gene as a bait.
Unfortunately, we have only petunia GAL4-cDNA expression libraries.
Commercially, to my knowledge, only a vegetative Arabidopsis cDNA library is
available (Clonetech). Does somebody know if there is a commercial
inflorescence/floral GAL4-cDNA library available? Or even better, is there
somebody who could provide me with a small aliquot??

Thanks in advance,

Richard Immink
Richard (G.H.) Immink
Plant Research International
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The Netherlands

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