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Tue Apr 18 19:40:30 EST 2000

<x-rich>Two postdoctoral positions are now available at UCLA to study the
molecular genetics of DNA methylation, using the model plant
<italic>Arabidopsis thaliana</italic>.  We are studying a manipulable
epigenetic system in which the methylation state of several floral
regulatory genes, including the <italic>SUPERMAN</italic> locus, can be
altered by mutations that affect overall genomic methylation.  This
results in stable epimutations at these loci, due to either
hypermethylation or hypomethylation of the genes.  These epimutations
can be used for classical genetic analysis to discover the factors
involved in the proper methylation of each locus.  One of the most
interesting observations yet to be explained is that mutations in the
main maintenance methyltransferase in <italic>Arabidopsis</italic>,
METI, simultaneously cause genome wide demethylation, and at the same
time dense hypermethylation of the <italic>SUPERMAN</italic> and
<italic>AGAMOUS </italic>loci.  Some of the projects available include
the study of several genetic suppressors of the hypermethylated
<italic>SUPERMAN</italic> epialleles, as well as our ongoing
characterization of a new family of putative de novo DNA
methyltransferases. References: Science 277, 1100-1103; Current Biology
10:179-186.  See lab home page for more details,

Please send a cv, a description of your research experience, and the
names and addresses of three references to Steve Jacobsen, Department
of Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology, UCLA, PO Box 951606, Los
Angeles, CA 90095-1606.  E-mail: jacobsen at


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