Plastid antibodies

Danny Schnell schnell at
Fri Apr 21 15:12:10 EST 2000

This is a broad request to anyone that has antibodies to Arabidopsis plastid
proteins.  We have identified several T-DNA lines that are defective in
protein import into chloroplasts.   It appears that some mutants selectively
affect the import of distinct classes of plastid proteins (Nature
403:203-207, 2000)   To further characterize these mutants, we would like to
look at the expression of a variety of plastid proteins.  Although we have a
number of antibodies on hand, we would like to have additional markers to
test the selectivity of the import defects.   We would be grateful to anyone
that is willing to share small samples of antibodies to plastid proteins,
especially proteins that are not involved in photosynthesis (e.g. enzymes of
amino acid or lipid metabolism).

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