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Dear Colleagues,
Under the leadership of current editor Maarten Chrispeels and future editor
Natasha Raikhel, we have instituted a new feature of PLANT PHYSIOLOGY called
'Breakthrough Technologies'. Our goal is to highlight powerful new
approaches that are changing the way in which we dissect our favorite
processes in plants. We are eager to publish high impact papers in all
technical areas of science relating to plant growth and development, ranging
from ecophysiology to genomics. While the focus will be on research
articles, we will also publish reviews of young and promising areas of
technology, and occasional opinion pieces.
Those of you who saw the cover of the April 2000 issue of PLANT PHYSIOLOGY
are aware of our most recent Breakthrough Technologies paper: 'Activation
Tagging in Arabidopsis', from collaborative work between the Chory, Lamb,
Weigel and Yanofsky groups. The inaugural paper in this series 'Large-scale
screening for phytochrome-regulated genes', from the group of Dr. Masaki
Furuya, was also published as a cover article in the January 2000 issue. We
plan to continue to give these cutting-edge papers high visibility in the
Over the coming months you will see more examples of these papers, including
an offering on optical coherence microscopy from June Medford and colleagues
in the May issue (pp. 3-15), and in June results of in vitro studies of
mutagenesis by chimeric RNA-DNA oligonucleotides from Eric Kmiec, Greg May,
and co-workers.
I hope that you will enjoy and benefit from these papers over the coming
years. More importantly, please send us your 'Breakthrough Technologies'
papers so that we can give them the high visibility that they deserve. If
you have any questions, or wish to submit a paper, please contact me so that
we can get your work into the publication pipeline.
Robert L. Last
Cereon Genomics
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Cambridge, MA 02492

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