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David Galbraith dgalbrai at ag.Arizona.EDU
Mon Dec 11 08:36:15 EST 2000

Dan Cosgrove and I discussed the disturbing use of non-SI units on the
cover of your special issue of Plant Physiology (a "milestone" in Plant
Biology), particularly considering the contributions provided by the non
US-scientific community to the arabidopsis genome sequence!

We propose a clarification to indicate that one milestone equals
approximately 10.4 kilometer kilograms.  For the situation in England, 6.5
mile kilograms might prove more intuitive....

Best wishes

David Galbraith

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Natasha Raikhel wrote:

>  <x-html><!x-stuff-for-pete base="" src="" id="0"><html>
>  <font face="Times, Times" size=4><b>Dear Colleagues,<br>
>  Arabidopsis Genome- A Milestone in Plant Biology<br>
>  <br>
>  &quot;What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been
>  discovered.&quot; Ralph Waldo Emerson's observation takes on a special
>  resonance this month as the plant biology community celebrates the
>  completion of the Arabidopsis genome project. In the painting that graces
>  the December Arabidopsis Special Issue of Plant Physiology (courtesy of
>  Dr. Chris Somerville), the artist Janet Wehr captures the understated
>  beauty of this weed-no-longer which has, by virtue of its diminutive
>  size, small genome, and brief life cycle, become a giant of science.
>  <br>
>  <br>
>  Because of its small size, predilection to self-pollinate, quick
>  generation time, and copious production of tiny seeds,<i> Arabidopsis
>  thaliana</i> has become the most powerful genetic and genomic model
>  system in plant biology. The amount of research on Arabidopsis has grown
>  from a trickle in the 1970s and 1980s to a steadily increasing flood in
>  the 1990s. The completion of the Arabidopsis genome sequence this month
>  is the culmination of a remarkable decade of worldwide growth and
>  collaboration, and will, no doubt, stimulate even more
>  Arabidopsis-related work. Evidence of the healthy state of cooperation in
>  Arabidopsis functional genomics is presented in this month's special
>  issue of<i> Plant Physiology,</i> which is solely devoted to Arabidopsis
>  and is</font><font face="Times, Times" size=4 color="#FF0000"> free
>  on-line from December 14 until the end of
>  January.</font><font face="Times, Times" size=4> In this issue, six
>  solicited articles are devoted to &quot;Resources and Opportunities&quot;
>  for Arabidopsis genome research. The purpose of these articles is not
>  only to make widely known what public resources are available, but also
>  to recognize the significant contributions of a number of dedicated
>  individuals. Specific articles are devoted to the seed and molecular
>  resources for Arabidopsis, the Arabidopsis genome project, the
>  Arabidopsis Gene-Chip project, the Arabidopsis microarray project, the
>  Arabidopsis knockout facility, and the Arabidopsis Information Service.
>  This issue also contains 28 research articles, 4 Scientific
>  Correspondence articles and 4 Updates, all concerning Arabidopsis-related
>  work. The Plant Physiology Editorial Board and staff hope very much that
>  many of you will take a moment of your time and read this free issue:
>  </font></b><a href="http://www.plantphysiol.org/"
>  eudora="autourl"><font
>  color="#0000FF"><u>http://www.plantphysiol.org/</a></font></u>
>  <br>
>  <br>
>  <font face="Times, Times" size=4><b>Thank you very much
>  indeed,</font></b><font face="Times, Times"> <br>
>  <br>
>  <br>
>  </font><font face="Times, Times" size=4><b>Natasha
>  Raikhel</font></b><font face="Times, Times"> <br>
>  </font><font face="Times, Times" size=4><b>Editor-in-Chief of Plant
>  Physiology</font></b><br>
>  <div>Natasha Raikhel</div>
>  <div>Editor-in-Chief, Plant Physiology</div>
>  <div>MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory</div>
>  <div>Michigan State University</div>
>  <div>East Lansing, MI 48824-1312 USA</div>
>  <div>Phone: (517) 353-3518</div>
>  <div>Fax: (517) 432-9560</div>
>  <div>e-mail: nraikhel at msu.edu</div>
>  <div><a href="http://www.prl.msu.edu/natasha.html"
>  EUDORA=AUTOURL>www.prl.msu.edu/natasha.html</a></div>
>  <br>
>  </html>
>  </x-html>

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