Basta Binary Vecter

Alastair Ainslie a.ainslie at
Fri Feb 4 04:41:37 EST 2000

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    a.cavallaro at (Tony Cavallaro) wrote:
>   We are looking for a small basta binary vector (approx 15kb or less). If
>   anyone knows of a vecter, could they please contact me on
>   a.cavallaro at
>   Tony Cavallaro
>   Botnay Department
>   UNiversity of Queensland

We routinely use  the vectors from Cambia
address: CAMBIA
        GPO Box 3200, Camberra ACT 2601 AUstralia
They sell a package of vectors, some of which have basta resistance, of
about 12kb.

Marta de Torres
Wye College

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