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Second Announcement
Biological Regulatory Mechanisms Plant Molecular Biology
Gordon Conference, 2000
July 16-21, 2000
Holderness School, Plymouth, NH USA
Organized by: Robert L. Last and Barbara Baker

Keynote Speaker: Winslow Briggs - Carnegie Institution at Stanford
University "The Long Search for an Elusive Blue-Light Photoreceptor"

Gene Silencing
Discussion Leader: David Baulcombe

David Baulcombe, John Innes Center - "Genetic & Biochemical Dissection of
Gene Silencing in Arabidopsis & Other Plants"

Shou-Wei Ding, Institute of Molecular Agrobiology, Singapore - "Viral
Suppressors of Gene Silencing"

Giusseppi Macino, Sezione di Genetica Molecolare, Rome - "Cosuppression and
dsRNAi Phenomena are Related"

Signal Transduction
Discussion Leader: Paul Schulze-Lefert

Jiammin Li, University of Michigan - "BIN2, A New Player in Brassinosteroid

Peter Quail, PGEC/University of California, Berkeley - "Photosensory
Perception and Signaling by the Phytochromes"

Julin Maloof, Salk Institute - "Natural Variation in Light Signaling and

Steve Clark, University of Michgan - "A Receptor Complex Regulating Organ
Formation in Arabidopsis"

Cell Death                          Discussion Leader: Jeff

Jeff Dangl, University of North Carolina - "Recognition & Response of
Arabidopsis to Pathogens"

Jean Greenberg, University of Chicago - "Causes & Consequences of Programmed
Cell Death and Other Cell Fate Changes in Arabidopsis"

Keith Davis, Paradigm Genetics - "Ozone- An Abiotic Elicitor of the
Hypersensitive Response in Plants"

Hong Gil Nam, Pohang University, Korea - "Genetic Mutations of Arabidopsis
with an Altered Senescence Phenotype"

Plant-Microbe Interactions                    Discussion Leader:
Barbara Baker

Barbara Baker, PGEC/University of California, Berkeley

Xinnian Dong, Duke University - "Signal Transduction in Systemic Acquired

Doug Cook, Texas A&M University - "Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Nod
Factor Perception in Medicago truncatula"

Paul Schulze-Lefert, John Innes Center - "Recognition and Signaling in
Powdery Mildew Disease Resistance"

The Metabolic Framework of Plant Growth And Defense       Discussion
Leader: Clint Chapple

Clint Chapple, Purdue University - "Phenylpropanoid Metabolism in
Arabidopsis: New Enzymes for an Old Pathway"

Gloria Coruzzi, New York University - "Amino Acid Sensing and Signaling in

James Tumlinson, USDA, Gainsville, Florida - "Chemical Signals that Mediate
Tritrophic Plant - Insect Interactions"

Jonathan Gershenzon, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Germany -
"Regulation of Volatile Terpene
Formation after Herbivore Damage"

Abiotic Stress Adaptation
Discussion Leader: Robert Last

Anne Britt, University of California, Davis - "Genetics of the DNA
Damage-Induced Cell Cycle Checkpoint Response"

Jian-Kang Zhu, University of Arizona -"A Regulatory Pathway for Plant Salt

Kris Niyogi, University of California, Berkeley - "Genetic Dissection of
Photo-Oxidative Stress Responses"

Development from Cell to Seed                       Discussion
Leader: Ueli Grossnicklaus

Ueli Grossnicklaus, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland - "Maternal
Effects on Seed Development: Genetics and Epigenetics"

Anna Koltunow, CSIRO, Australia - "The Central Role of the Ovule in
Parthenocarpy and Apomixis"

Sheila McCormick, PGEC/University of California, Berkeley - "Mutants
Affecting Pollen Development in Arabidopsis Thaliana"

Yuval Eshed, University of California, Davis - "The Significance of Polarity
for Plant Morphogenesis"

Discussion Leader: Steve Tanksley

Steve Tanksley, Cornell University - "Identification and Cloning of QTL
Controlling Fruit Size and Shape in Tomato'

Virginia Walbot, Stanford University - "MU Transposon Tagging of Maize

  Steve Rounsley, Cereon Genomics - "Low-Pass Whole Genome Shotgun
Sequencing: Insights into Ecotype Variation in Arabidopsis"

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Please note that this meeting is called Plant Molecular Biology.

Please contact Rob Last with questions or for further information.
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