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Mon Feb 7 19:44:38 EST 2000

Plant Biotechnology Center, Ohio State University

The scope of our research is to understand the mechanism and function of
chromatin-nuclear matrix and chromatin-nuclear envelope interactions in
plants. Our long-term goal is to establish an integrated understanding of
how dynamic spatial organization affects nuclear processes such as
transcription, splicing, and macromolecule transport.

We have identified two novel plant proteins (MFP1 and MAF1) that are
associated with the nuclear matrix and located at the nuclear envelope.
MFP1 is a filament-like protein which binds in a phosphorylation-dependent
way to matrix attachment region (MAR) DNA, and which is associated with the
nuclear envelope via a novel targeting domain. MAF1 is a novel
serine-threonine-rich protein which binds in yeast and in vitro to the
coiled-coil domain of MFP1 (Meier et al. (1996), Plant Cell 8:2105;
Gindullis and Meier (1999), Plant Cell 11:1117; Gindullis et al. (1999),
Plant Cell 11:1755; Harder et al. (2000) Plant Phys. 122:225).

Future projects will include reverse genetic approaches in Arabidopsis to
investigate the in vivo role of MFP1 and MAF1; the dynamics of subcellular
localization and interaction of MFP1 and MAF1 during cell cycle; and the
cell-cycle-dependent regulation of MAR-binding by phosphorylation.

To apply, send a CV, a brief statement of research experience and research
interests, and the names of at least three references (including address,
phone, and email) to Iris Meier by mail or email.  Successful postdoctoral
candidates will have a Ph.D. and a proven record of productivity including
first-authored publications in internationally recognized journals.
Experience in either fluorescence microscopy or Arabidopsis molecular
genetics will be a plus.

For additional information about our lab and about plant biology research
at Ohio State University see If you are
planning to attend the Chromatin Structure and Function Keystone Conference
(Feb 12 - Feb 18 2000), please contact me before the conference to arrange
for a meeting.

Iris Meier
Department of Plant Biology
Ohio State University
210 Rightmire Hall
1060 Carmack Road
Columbus, OH 43210

PHONE: (614) 292 8323
FAX: (614) 292 5379
email: meier.56 at


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