Erecta Death Rooms

Mark A Vandermeulen vander+ at
Tue Feb 8 14:58:17 EST 2000

On 8 Feb 2000, Dr. Danny Chamovitz wrote:

>  HELP!!  We have a unique problem growin strains dervied from La-erecta.  ll
>  these strains grow poorly nd die with little seed set in our growth rooms,
>  while all strains dervied from Colubia or Ws grow fine.   Has anyone heard
>  of anything similar?
>  Our growth rooms are renotaed old temperature rooms.  Temp - 22, humidity
>  around 30%, constant air circulation.

Are the plants looking photo-bleached (yellowed leaves)? We've discovered
that light sensitivity in Arabidopsis is very strain-specific. We
don't grow Plants under light levels of more than 300 micro-Einsteins
for extented periods of time.

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