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Dear Colleagues
<p>The organizing committees for "ISPMB Quebec 2000" had to deal with the
awkward reality of creating an online registration site just at the onset
of a new millennium; a time of great fragility within the WWW. The launch
of our eRegistration site was challenging,&nbsp; and frustrating,&nbsp;
but it&nbsp; is now up and running. For those who did consult our Website
during the fall of 1999, and for those who still have not done so, this
message is a reminder that registration for the 6th ISPMB Congress in Quebec
City is now online.
<p>Due to the problems encountered in starting up the on-line registration
process,&nbsp; we have extended the early registration period to <b>March
17</b>. You can now benefit from the early registration rates and submit
your abstract through March 17.&nbsp; Our Web page, on-line registration
forms and abstract submission can all be performed at :
<p><a href=""></a>
<p>The triennal conference of the International Society for Plant Molecular
Biology will be held from June 18 to 24, 2000, in the Quebec Convention
Center. The organizers foresee that this year's&nbsp; conference will be
particularly challenging for plant molecular biologists, as a result of
intensified public awareness and scrutiny on all aspects of genetic 
However, as with previous ISPMB meetings, the content of the conference
will be a thorough review of advances in all aspects of plant molecular
biology, with a special emphasis on functional genomics, proteomics and
genetic synteny.
<p>Our goal as organizers has been to gather the top scientists from all
current research fields related to plant molecular biology, plant genetics
and plant biotechnology. This is an event you should not miss; more than
80 invited speakers will present through plenaries and symposia during
the full five days of the conference. The size and quality of the meeting
will create an ideal opportunity for the organization of specialized 
There is also an extensive program of activities for delegates and accompanying
<p>Previous ISPMB conferences have been landmarks in the development of
plant molecular biology. We look forward to making this year’s event equally
memorable and a truly international gathering.
<p>Be part of it
<p>Welcome to Quebec City
<p>Louis-P V&eacute;zina
<br>Maurice Moloney

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