Postdoc position, Sweden

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Wed Feb 9 10:47:25 EST 2000

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A two-year postdoctoral position is available immediately in plant
molecular biology/physiology at the Umeå Plant Science Centre,
Department of Plant Physiology, University of Umeå, Sweden.The
applicant should have a PhD in plant physiology or molecular biology.
Experience working with transgenic Arabidopsis will be an advantage.
The selected person will join an ongoing project to characterise a new
family of molecular chaperones (Clp/Hsp100 proteins) in plant chloroplasts
that also directly participate in targeted proteolysis as regulatory
components of the ATP-dependent Clp protease. Applications should be
sent to the following person, from whom further details can be obtained:

Assoc. Prof. Adrian K. Clarke
Umeå Plant Science Centre
Department of Plant Physiology
University of Umeå
90187 Umeå
Tel. +46-90-7865209
Fax +46-90-7866676
E-mail Adrian.Clarke at

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