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<TITLE>Bioinformatics position announcement</TITLE>
Please bring the following position announcement to the attention of 
any interested candidates. Thank you for your assistance.<BR>
Dave Hoisington<BR>
<FONT SIZE="2"><FONT FACE="Arial">International Maize and Wheat 
Improvement Center<BR>
</B><FONT SIZE="1">The International Maize and Wheat Improvement 
Center (CIMMYT) desires to strengthen its on-going efforts in 
bioinformatics and has created an immediate opening for a Head of 
Bioinformatics to lead this strengthened effort. The position will be 
based at CIMMYT Headquarters located near Mexico City, Mexico and 
will report to the Director of the Applied Biotechnology Center and 
The candidate will be expected to provide strong leadership in the 
on-going development and implementation of information systems for 
maize and wheat (the International Crop Information System) at CIMMYT 
that will integrate relevant information of CIMMYT and its partners 
on genetic resources, gene management, molecular and geographic data, 
farming systems and socioeconomic data; the development and 
implementation of management information systems (MIS) at CIMMYT for 
financial, human resource, visitor, special project, and contact 
information; and the development and implementation of CIMMYTs 
INTRANET to provide access to research and management information. 
&nbsp;The candidate may also be expected to represent CIMMYT in 
global discussions regarding crop information systems; develop 
appropriate links within and outside of CIMMYT to develop software 
systems to meet the bioinformatics and MIS needs; and supervise the 
Head of System and Computing Services, Head of Software Development; 
and Users Support activities.<BR>
Qualifications include demonstrated experience in knowledge 
management, database information systems, and strong leadership, 
communication and facilitation skills. Experience in software 
programming (especially &nbsp;database applications and/or Web-based 
systems), software design and &nbsp;implementation, and/or hardware 
systems desirable. Knowledge of or experience in the fields of 
bioinformatics, agriculture and/or biotechnology helpful. The 
successful candidate should possess excellent communication skills in 
written and spoken English, an ability to form part of an 
interdisciplinary team, and sensitivity to diverse cultures and 
nationalities. Spanish language skills a plus.<BR>
CIMMYT is an internationally funded, non-profit research and training 
organization headquartered in Mexico and affiliated with the 
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). 
&nbsp;The Center's mission is to help the poor by increasing the 
productivity, profitability, and sustainability of maize- and 
wheat-based cropping systems while protecting natural resources. 
&nbsp;CIMMYT has an annual budget of approximately US$35 million, and 
a staff of over 800 based in Mexico and 19 other countries. <BR>
CIMMYT is an equal-opportunity employer and strives for staff 
diversity in gender and nationality. The Center makes an effort to 
accommodate the needs of dual-career couples and has a work-based 
childcare facility at its Headquarters location in Mexico. CIMMYT's 
Headquarters are located on its main experiment station that is 
outside, but within easy reach of Mexico City, Mexico. &nbsp;The 
Center's salaries and benefits are competitive with those of other 
international institutions. &nbsp;Further information about CIMMYT 
and the CGIAR can be obtained via the Internet at 
<U></U>, <U></U> or 
</U>To apply, please send a letter of application with your recent 
curriculum vitae, including address and fax number, and arrange to 
have letters of recommendation sent from three referees to the 
address below, by the end of<B> March 2000 or until the position is 
filled </B>&nbsp;<B>(Reference 2000/01).</B> &nbsp;If you have 
applied to other positions at CIMMYT within the last six months and 
would like your application to be considered, please indicate this 
and send any new information to the Human Resources Manager to the 
address below. <B>For technical information please contact: Dr. David 
Hoisington / Director, Applied Biotechnology Center and 
Bioinformatics, Email: </B></FONT></FONT><FONT SIZE="1"><FONT 
FACE="Palatino"><U>D.Hoisington at</U></FONT><FONT 
</FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Arial"><H6>Human Resources Manager<BR>
</H6><FONT SIZE="1">Reference Code &nbsp;2000/01<BR>
Apdo. Postal 6-641<BR>
Mexico, D.F. 06600 Mexico<BR>
Phone: (525) 804-2004; Fax: (525) 804-7558/9<BR>
Email: </FONT></FONT><FONT SIZE="1"><FONT 
FACE="Palatino"><U>Jobs-CIMMYT at, 
Jobs at<BR>


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