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A post-doctoral research position is available in the laboratory of Dr.
Susan Lindquist at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute beginning in the
fall/winter of 2000/1.  Work in the lab concentrates on protein folding
and the biological consequences of protein misfolding.  Two separate
projects involving Arabidopsis are underway.  One was inspired by the
strong role exerted by Hsp104 on epigenetic mechanisms of inheritance
in yeast ( See: Patino et al. <italic>Science</italic>.
<italic>273</italic>:622-626. and Li and Lindquist <italic>Science
</italic>287:661).  We have created transgenic plants with altered
levels of this Hsp (known as AT101 in Arabadopsis) through
co-supression, antisense, and constitutive expression. We'd now like to
investigate the role this protein might play in epigenetic mechanisms
in Arabidopsis. The second project involves a different  molecular
chaperone, Hsp90, which we believe functions as a capacitor for
evolutionary change (see Rutherford and Lindquist. 1998. Nature
396:336-342).  We are currently using Arabidopsis as a model genetic
system for these studies.  Both projects will involve interactions with
several other Arabidopsis labs on campus.  For additional information
on other interests in the laboratory see

Candidates should have experience working with Arabidopsis, a strong
background in genetics, and facility with standard molecular
methods.Send Curriculum Vitae and contact information for three
references to:

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