Collaboration for Molecular mapping in wheat

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Tue Feb 15 13:45:41 EST 2000

Objet : Collaboration for Molecular mapping in wheat

>I am doing PhD in Plant sciences. My project involves molecular mapping in
>2 wheat populations-one winter and another spring population. I will able
>to develop AFLP and Microsat map of 2 wheat populations
>Any collaboration with individual and institution are welcome

Hi Vinesh,

You should contact the following molecular biologists:

- R.S. Zemetra at University of Idaho, Moscow (AFLP in wheat)
- N.L.V Lapitan at Colorado State University (AFLP in wheat)
- R. Jing at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Microsatellites in
- MS Röder at Gatersleben (Patent on wheat microsatelites: 'Microsatellite
markers for plants of the species triticum aestivum and tribe triticaceae
and the use of said markers'. The invention involves 233 microsatellite
- Marie-Helene Tixier at INRA Clermont-Ferrand (France ) (wheat
microsatellite map)
- Michel Bernard, head of the Molecular Markers Unit, Clermont-Ferrand
(wheat microsatellites)

Don't hesitate to contact me for more informations on the subject or on
above-mentioned biologists.


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