Bleached areas on the leaves: II

G.Merkouropoulos bsp541 at
Tue Feb 22 13:55:38 EST 2000

Many thanks to all of you who have already replied to my message.

It seems that I should give some details about the conditions I use
to grow my Arabidopsis plants. They are growing:
i) in a propagator (or in plastic transparent bags),
ii) in a 16/8 hours light/dark cycle,
iii) under about 170 microEinstein white light,
iv) at a temperature of 20-25 C, and
v) they are watering with 1x Hogland's solution.
Also note that the bleached areas appear mainly on rosette leaves after
the stem has emerged (when the plants are about 4+ weeks old).
No sigh of a pathogen or insect.

More ideas about the nature of these bleached areas are welcome.

Thanks again,

G. Merkouropoulos,
bsp541 at


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