283 GUS promotor trap lines from Patrick Gallois

Sean May [NASC] sean_may at thale.life.nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Feb 25 13:02:17 EST 2000

Release of promoter trap lines from Patrick Gallois

NASC and ABRC are pleased to announce the release of 283 individual Gallois
promoter trap lines from Patrick Gallois, Laboratoire de Physiologie et
Biology Moleculaire Vegetales, Universite de Perpignan, France.

This transgenic population contains the pDGus Bin19 construct donated to
Patrick Gallois by Dr Keith Lindsey. This has a promoterless GUS with its
ATG next to the T-DNA left border.

A general description of the lines may be found in:
M. Devic, V. Hecht, C. Berger, M. Delseny and P. Gallois (1995) - An
assessment of promoter trapping as a tool to study plant zygotic
embryogenesis. C.R. Acad. Sci. Life Science 318: 121-128.

For detailed descriptions and information relating to these lines, please
refer to the stockcentre webpages.

Stocks can be ordered in the usual way from the
NASC (http://nasc.nott.ac.uk) and ABRC (http://aims.cse.msu.edu/aims) web

The handling charges associated with these lines are:

CS/N5150 - 283 lines = $ 400 / UKP 255

Individual lines (CS/N4860-CS/N5142) may be ordered as part of the normal
user fee system described on our catalogue websites.

Sean May (NASC)
Randy Scholl (ABRC)

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