Isgouhi Kaloshian ikalosh at mail.ucr.edu
Sun Jan 2 19:46:55 EST 2000

Dear colleagues:

My lab is looking for a colony of cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae.
Most of you try to get rid of this pest that readily colonizes Arabidopsis
plants, but we would like to have it. We will greatly appreciate if we can
acquire a colony of this aphid.

Thanks in advance,

Isgouhi Kaloshian
University of California
Department of Nematology
Riverside, CA 92521

telephone: (909)787-3913		email: isgouhi.kaloshian at ucr.edu
fax: (909)787-3719	  WWW: http://cnas.ucr.edu/~nem/faculty/kaloshian.html


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