obtaining chromosome 4 sequence and annotation

michael bevan michael.bevan at bbsrc.ac.uk
Wed Jan 5 09:59:58 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues

Several weeks ago we submitted the two chromosome 4 arms and the according
annotation to both NCBI and EMBL, accession numbers AJ270058 and AJ270060.
 So far these have not appeared at EBI......
For people who want to get hold of  the complete sequence and the genes
files, these can be downloaded from our
ftp site : ftp://warthog.mips.biochem.mpg.de/pub/cress/chrIV/ESSAseq/
This sequence now contains an additional 3 kb sequence that extends the long
arm contig through the subtelomeric repeats into telomeric repeats proper.
Only limited sequence of the telomere was obtained because of  polymerase
stalling. The templates were  IPCR products amplified from genomic DNA which
were sequenced directly.

Please contact Mike Bevan or Klaus Mayer if you need further information.

Klaus Mayer (mayer at mips.embnet.org)
Mike Bevan   (michael.bevan at bbsrc.ac.uk)

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