AFGC classifications update & thanks

David Finkelstein finkel at genome.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jan 11 17:50:00 EST 2000

Hi All,

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the AFGC
classifications. I know that your comments and critiques
resulted in a better webform.

The latest version can be viewed at

Again, this is a nonfunctional form intended to give potential customers
advance notice of the questions we'll be asking.  It's also for
any interested scientist who may query the public database
in the future.

The live form is currently under development and will be for the
customers of the AFGC.

I am still accepting comments and criticisms.  So feel free to send
more, your invited to do so anytime
(email: finkel at
This form is not fixed, however from now on changes and updates will
be implemented more slowly.


David Finkelstein

Post Doctoral Fellow, Bioinformatics
Carnegie Institution, Dept. Plant Biology
260 Panama Street
Stanford,CA 94305


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