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Jerry D. Cohen cohen047 at
Fri Jan 14 10:57:54 EST 2000

>On January 1, 2000 I moved my laboratory from the USDA at Beltsville,MD to
>the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in order to accept the position
>of Gordon and Margaret Bailey Professor.  My new contact information is
>listed below.  Our laboratory will remain active in the area of auxin
>metabolism and we currently have openings for graduate research assistants
>and one postdoctoral position.  Although the climate this time of year is
>cool, the qualtiy of life is high and the campus offeres excellent
>research support and an active faculty with interests in plant
>biology.  Happy New Year, Jerry
>Dr. Jerry D. Cohen
>University of Minnesota
>Department of Horticultural Science
>305 Alderman Hall, 1970 Folwell
>Saint Paul, MN 55108
>Phone 612-624-9212 (O), x-1218 (L),  FAX x-4941
>Note new address, phone and FAX numbers!
>Email cohen047 at

Dr. Jerry D. Cohen
University of Minnesota
Department of Horticultural Science
305 Alderman Hall, 1970 Folwell
Saint Paul, MN 55108
Phone 612-624-9212 (O), x-1218 (L),  FAX x-4941
Note new address, phone and FAX numbers!

Email cohen047 at

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