intron/exon structures

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Fri Jan 21 06:38:40 EST 2000

"Simon Geir Møller" wrote:
>  Hi,
>  We are interested in intron/exon structure boundaries and with regrads to
>  this we would appreciate if anybody could forward information concerning:
>  1) Any gene that was annotated incorrectly in the datatbase ie, annotated
>  intron/exon boundaries did not correspond to the isolated cDNA, and
>  2) Any gene with a large number of annotated introns.

         This is something on which we have been working on
         for some time, first for the development of NetPlantGene
         and NetGene2 together with Søren Brunak, and more
         recently for the validation of gene prediction software.
         We have a paper in press on this issue (to appear in
         BioInformatics very soon I guess). Linked to this paper
         we developped a dataset of Arabidopsis genes in their
         genomic context (Araset) containing 168 validated genes.
         Many of these genes were not properly annotated ...
         which is not (alas) a big surprise: it's just very easy
         unfortunately to fulfil your first asking ! In our data
         set there are some "big" genes, i.e. with many exons,
         although even bigger ones are documented.

         Araset is available on our web site :

         please refer to our paper when using this dataset !


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