Release of GAL4-GFP lines from Jim Haseloff

Sean May [NASC] sean_may at
Wed Jan 26 15:18:23 EST 2000

Release of GAL4-GFP lines from Jim Haseloff

NASC and ABRC are pleased to announce the release of several additional
GAL4-GFP Enhancer-trap Arabidopsis lines from Dr. Jim Haseloff, MRC
Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK.

Set '1' (already released and available) constitutes the 'J' series and
some 'Q' series root pre-screened lines.

Set '1a' (29 lines - new release) is stock number CS/N9340
Set '1a' constitutes the remaining 'Q' root pre-screened lines not already
included in set 1.

Set 'KS' (31 lines - new release) is stock number CS/N9341
Set 'KS' is the first release that has been pre-screened for shoot and
floral expression.

For detailed descriptions of these lines, and information relating to
these lines, please refer to Jim Haseloff's web page

Stocks can be ordered in the usual way from the
NASC ( and ABRC ( web

The handling charges associated with these lines are:

CS/N9340 (1a series)
NASC 26 pounds sterling
ABRC 40 US dollars

CS/N9341 (KS series)
NASC 28 pounds sterling
ABRC 45 US dollars

Sean May (NASC)
Randy Scholl (ABRC)

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