Ecoli contamination in Abgrobact.culture

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Dear Immo,

Another method is to grow the bacteria with sucrose as the only carbon
source, Agrobacterium can use sucrose but E coli cannot; Agrobacterium can
grow at 37C but cannot maintain its plasmids at that temperature so growth
with antibiotics at 37C could distinguish E coli from Agrobacterium.


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Dear Immo Junghaertchen,

E coli makes a single colony just for over night,
but Agrobacterium takes 2-3 days to make it.

Or Agrobacterium can not grow at 37C.

Yasuo Niwa

>I suspect  E coli contamination in agrobacterium culture. Does anyone
>know of a quick way to distinguish between them? Under the microscope,
>both look like motile, gram negative rods of similar size!
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