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Dear Kwangchul:

We described in a 1993 Plant Journal paper a mutant that showed clear
genetic control of cotyledon number in a higher plant;  the amp1 mutant of
Arabidopsis.  However this phenotype is incompletely penetrant and 100% of
the progeny doesnt have three cotyledons.  Later in work that is still
unpublished I have observed similar frequencies of increased cotyledon
numbers in mutants that are highly sensitive to cytokinin or have defect in
auxin transport.  If the phenotype that you describe is heritable you might
have found similar mutants in tomato.  sometimes cotyledon number
abnormalities are encountered which turn out not to be heritable.

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This mutant has high
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>Subject: three cotyledons
>Date: 31 Mar 2000 08:23:25 +0100
>I have observed tomato seedlings which have three true cotyledons.
>Does anybody know there is a mutant with three cotyledons in Arabidopsis or
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