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Q:Abscisic and Jasmonic acid treatments

Jerry D. Cohen cohen047 at tc.umn.edu
Tue May 2 22:33:26 EST 2000

<x-flowed>  A simple question that might lead you to your own answer 
to your main
question.  Do you want to identify genes turned on by either isomer or ones
specific for that isomer produced in response to stress by the plant?  I am
resonably sure there are specific genes involved with handling the trans
form and if you don't mind mixing these genes in with those you will look
at, then fine you can use the cheapo form.  Other concerns that you might
consider:  Age of plants, time of day of application, application in light
or during a dark period, use of Tween or some other wetting agent for
application, ways to meter the amount sprayed on each plant, the proximity
of the jasmonate plants to the control or ABA treated materials (remember,
methyl-JA is volatile and will be formed from the applied JA).  There are a
lot of things you will need to consider (remember, the data you get is only
as good as the care you used in preparing your plants -- in other words,
your "spray and weigh" must be just as good as your "wreck and check" if
you want to do it right)!   Since I don't know what the question is that
you want to answer, it is difficult to give more advise other than if  this
was being done in my lab I would spend a bit more, if needed, to do the
work right the first time out.  Sometimes the "usual" way is not the best
-- just look at all the experiments done with the "auxin" 2,4-D as an example.

Hope this helps, Jerry

>  >We are planning to treat Arabidopsis with Abscisic and Jasmonic acid to
>  >test for changes in gene expression.  We are new to treating plants by
>  >spraying hormones.  What form of Abscisic acid is the standard to use
>  >when spraying plants?  Should we use the natural and very expensive
>  >(+)-cis,trans form or does everyone use inexpensive the (+/-) racemic
>  >form?  Every paper I have reviewed for methods of spraying ABA or
>  >Jasmonic acid does not designate what form was sprayed.  Any advice
>  >would be greatly appreciated.
>  >
>  >Thank You
>  >Alan Smith

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