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Karin Schumacher karin.schumacher at
Thu Nov 2 06:12:02 EST 2000

Open Positions: Leaders of Independent Research Groups at the Center for
Plant Molecular Biology

The Center has a departmental structure with presently 13 independent
groups, several new group leaders are to be appointed in the next few
months. Candidates are expected to set up a competitive research project in
plant molecular biology, to interact with other groups at the ZMBP, and to
participate in teaching (Genetics or Plant Physiology). The positions are
limited to 5-6 years, extensions may be possible. Salary is in the range of
38.000 Euro (BAT 2a or C1).
The center provides lab space, basic funding of positions for a technician
and one graduate student to each group, a small budget and a share in
equipment. The common facilities of the Center including, transformation-,
greenhouse-, analytics-, microscopy- and computer support units are
accessible to all groups. In general the lab-language is English, basic
skills in German would be useful.

For more information please contact Wolf B. Frommer, Gerd Juergens or
Fritz Schoeffl at

frommer at

gerd.juergens at

friedrich.schoeffl at

Auf der Morgenstelle 1
D-72076 Tuebingen, Germany

Tel. +49 7071 29 78886,
Fax +49 7071 29 5797,


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