AlcA promoter induction

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Tue Sep 5 05:53:32 EST 2000


I have some transgenic plants containing the ethanol-inducible promoter AlcA=
Watering them  with 1% ethanol or placing them in an ethanol atmosphere
made my plants quite ...dead.
Could anybody suggest  a method to get  both maintained activity of the
promoter plus happy plants?

Thanking you in advance

Pilar Cubas
Pilar Cubas
Departamento de Gen=E9tica Molecular de Plantas
Centro Nacional de Biotecnolog=EDa
Campus Universidad Aut=F3noma de Madrid.
28049. Madrid (Spain)
=20 Tel:	34 91 585 46 88
=46ax:	34 91 585 45 06 e-mail:
pcubas at


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