Missouri Symposium 2001, 2nd try

Mannie Liscum LiscumM at missouri.edu
Thu Sep 7 10:59:13 EST 2000

The 2001 Missouri Symposium, organized by the MU Interdisciplinary
Plant Group, is now set and it's time to mark you calenders.

The 2001 meeting will be held May 30-June 2, and the topic will be
"Plant Photobiology". This is the first time since 1992 that a meeting
dedicated to Plant Photobiology has been held in the US, so it should
be a great forum for this exciting field. If you've never attended a
Missouri Symposium, you're in for a treat.  The Symposium is
small (typically < 250 attendees total, with ~ 25-30 invited
speakers and several short talks selected from poster abstracts) and
we encourage participation of young scientists - graduate students,
postdocs, and young faculty.  Late in the meeting there is a
dinner for speakers to which all registered graduate student and
postdoc attendees are invited.  This adds to the general attempt
to foster interaction between established and young scientists. 
The dates for the Symposium are a little later this year than many
previous years, however this should have several advantages. 
First, the weather in later May/early June is often quite pleasant
(not typically too hot and humid yet and generally through the rainy
spring period) in Columbia.  Second, the 2001 meeting is set
during the break period between our winter and summer semesters,
making it much easier to have a venue suited to oral presentations
(i.e., auditorium), as well as poster presentations.

Within the broad topic of Plant Photobiology we have invited speakers
that represent broad facets of biology: dealing in bacterial/algal
systems, doing hard-core structure function biochemistry, doing more
genetic and physiological things, as well as speakers representing
the ecology/evolution camp

I have established a couple of web pages dedicated to the
meeting and encourage you to check them out if this meeting is of
interest to you.

(front page: http://www.biosci.missouri.edu/liscum/uspp01.html )

There is no registration site at this time
(will come later), but beware that Missouri Symposiums tend to fill
up fast because of their small size and thus you should note it now
to prepare for future registration.

Hope to see some new faces in the spring.

Mannnie Liscum
Assistant Professor
Division of Biological Sciences
105 Tucker Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
email: liscumm at missouri.edu


Mannie Liscum
Assistant Professor
Division of Biological Sciences
108C Tucker Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

email: liscumm at missouri.edu
office:573-882-2672; 108C Tucker Hall
lab:573-882-2675 ;108 Tucker Hall
fax: 573-882-0123
web page: http://www.biosci.missouri.edu/liscum/LiscumLabPage.html
US Plant Photobiolgy 2001 Meeting web page:

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