Arabidopsis Functional Genomics Meeting

michael bevan michael.bevan at
Fri Sep 15 08:29:48 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues

An ad hoc committee* of Arabidopsis biologists recently discussed, via
international teleconference, possible opportunities for coordination of
international research activities in the "functional genomics" phase of the
Multinational Coordinated Arabidospis Genome Research Project. It was
decided that since many of the groups with a stake in these activities will
be attending the Arabidopsis Genome meeting at Cold Spring Harbor
Laboratories from Dec 7-10 2000, a general invitation to attend the planned
workshop should be issued so a wider range of interests can be represented.

This notice is to invite scientists generating functional genomics
resources, creating databases and who are users/potential users of
functional genomics resources in Arabidopsis to attend the workshop and join
in these important discussions.

The workshop is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday Dec 8 at CSHL. Please
note you will have to register for the meeting to attend this workshop.

The speaker list will be finalised in October, based on abstracts received,
and the outline program is attached. We encourage everyone interested in
functional genomics and Arabidopsis biology to attend the meeting to
contribute to defining the scope and goals of international activities in
Arabidopsis research.


Mike Bevan
Joe Ecker

Mike Bevan <michael.bevan at>
Michel Caboche <caboche at>
Liz Dennis <liz at>
Joe Ecker <ecker at>
Gerd Jurgens <gerd.juergens at>
Dave Meinke <meinke at>
Kiyotaka Okada <kiyo at>
Elliot Meyerowitz <meyerow at>
Chris Somerville <crs at Andrew2.Stanford.EDU>

Machi Dilworth <mdilwort at>
Jane Silverthorne jsilvert at

Outline Programme

2000 Arabidopsis Genome Meeting

Session 1, Thursday 7/12 evening
Completion of the genome

Plenary	Mike Ashburner on the Drosophila Genome
45 min

Chromosome completion reports
Genome analysis

Session 2, Friday 8/12 morning
Functional Genomics I

Plenary	Mike Snyder, Yeast functional genomics
45 min

Friday afternoon
Functional Genomics Workshop and Coordination Meeting

Wine & Cheese

Session 3, Friday evening
Functional Genomics II

Session 4, Saturday 9/12 morning
New Technologies

Session 5, Saturday afternoon
Genome organisation and evolution


Session 6, Sunday 10/12 morning
New biological insights from genomics

To register for the meeting please visit
or email: meeting at <mailto:meeting at>
or call: (516) 367-8346

the deadline for abstracts is October 4


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