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Tue Sep 26 01:04:13 EST 2000

Postdoctoral Fellow =96 Plant Molecular Biology (A$45253 to $51986)

CSIRO Entomology and CSIRO Plant Industry seek to appoint a post-doctoral
fellow to investigate the molecular basis of plant defence to sapsucking
insects. The project will investigate plant gene induction in response to
aphid feeding.  Research will focus on the model legume Medicago truncatula,
for which we have resistant and susceptible cultivars against economically
important aphid species.  M. truncatula has many advantages for molecular
genetic research including a major international effort to develop a suite
of genomic tools.  There is mounting evidence that genes implicated in
pathogen defence may also be important in defending plants against
sapsucking insects and the appointee will therefore benefit from close links
to established research projects in Plant Industry investigating signalling
pathways induced by pathogen infection.

The aims of the project are:

(1) To determine in what plant tissue and at what stage in aphid feeding
resistance is being manifested.
(2) To analyse the differential expression of known defence genes in
resistant vs. susceptible cultivars in response to aphid feeding using
RT-PCR and the public M. truncatula EST databases.
(3) To identify genes with variable expression patterns between or within
cultivars in response to aphid feeding using differential display,
subtraction hybridisation, and/or genomics approaches.
(4) To conduct genetic studies to map aphid resistance genes with the aim of
initiating a map based cloning effort and identifying signal transduction

The appointee will have a PhD or equivalent qualification in molecular
biology or biochemistry and proven research achievement and understanding of
advanced molecular techniques. Knowledge of the regulation of eukaryotic
gene expression, differential screening approaches and plant-pathogen
interactions are highly desirable.

The position will be based in the laboratory of Dr Karam Singh (Plant
Industry) at the CSIRO Centre for Mediterranean Agricultural Research
(CCMAR) in Perth, Western Australia. CSIRO is the major research
organisation in Australia and is internationally recognised for its
strengths in both entomology and plant molecular biology.  Further
information about the Centre for Mediterranean Agricultural Research (CCMAR)
can be found at Perth is a beautiful city of 1.4
million on the coast of southwestern Australia.  More information on Perth
and the state of Western Australia can be obtained at the Western Australia
tourism commission home page (

The appointment will be for 3 years with a 12 month probationary period.
Some assistance with relocation expenses will be available. The appointment
of a Postdoctoral Fellow is not open to people with more than 3 years
postdoctoral experience. Applicants who do not meet this criterion may be
considered for appointment at the Experimental Scientist Level.

An Information Package can be obtained from Julie Dunn, (phone (08)
[international +61 8] 9333 6224, fax (08) 9333 6211,
recruit at or at the CSIRO Entomology web site
(  Technical inquiries should be directed to Dr Owain
Edwards (phone (08) 9333 6401, o.edwards at or Dr Karam Singh
((08) 9333 6320, k.singh at

Applicants must obtain and respond to the Selection Criteria and Duty
Statement.  Address your application for the above position quoting
Reference No. PG:201/14 (T0754) and include details of your experience,
skills and qualifications.  Please mark 'Confidential' and forward to: The
Personnel Officer, CSIRO Centre for Mediterranean Agricultural Research,
Private Bag No 5, Wembley, WA 6913 Australia by 31 October 2000.

Carol Andersson
Research Scientist
CSIRO Plant Industry
Private Bag No. 5
Wembley W.A. 6913

ph: 61 8 9333 6210
fax:61 8 9387 8991
E-mail c.andersson at


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