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Tue Sep 26 07:18:09 EST 2000

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION to study chromatin dynamics
and function in Arabidopsis

An INRA post-doctoral fellowship is immediately available in the
Laboratoire de Biologie Cellulaire of INRA (Versailles - France) for a
non-French candidate to study chromatin organisation and gene regulation
in plants. By analysing a collection of Arabidopsis mutants, we have
recently identified a new gene having characteristic motifs for
protein/protein interaction and for chromatin interactions also present
in drosophila and animal (unpublished data). The Arabidopsis protein
also presents a specific and interesting nuclear localisation. The main
objectives for the postdoctoral researcher will be to elucidate (1) the
function of this protein in the organisation and dynamic of the
chromatin, (2) its mode of action by identifying its partners and (3)
its influence on gene regulation and plant development.

The position is open to a recent PhD or current post-doctoral fellow
with experience in chromatin-related techniques or in plant molecular
biology. Enthusiasm for understanding the role of chromatin modulation
in gene regulation and development and a strong background in molecular
biology and genetics is desirable. Expertise in protein analyses,
protein/protein interactions and immunology would be a greatly

The appointment will be for 2 years and the starting date is as soon as
possible. To apply, please send by email a CV, a brief statement of
research experience and interest and the names and email addresses of
two referees. For more information, please contact me by email
(gaudin at

Dr. Val=E9rie Gaudin
Laboratoire de Biologie Cellulaire - INRA
Route de St Cyr
78026 Versailles cedex - France
email gaudin at
=46ax: 33 1 30 83 30 99


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