Research in 3-D Chromatin Charting

Thu Sep 28 19:07:04 EST 2000


In Vivo Imaging of Chromatin Organization and Dynamics by GFP-Tagging.
Several postdoctoral fellow positions are immediately available to join a
team of researchers at Rutgers University and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
to study chromatin organization in Arabidopsis.  This is an NSF funded
project with 5 years of funding that aims to completely chart the 3-D
structure of interphase nuclei in a living plant.  By wide-field
fluorescence deconvolution microscopy, we have successfully adapted the
Green Fluorescent Protein to visually track specific insertion sites that
were introduced into the Arabidopsis genome.  Using multiple spectral
variants for GFP, we plan to generate a large number of disperse insertion
lines that should allow us to produce a global chart of the relative
positions between different points in the genome.  More complete
description about our project can be found at the website:    Applicants
must have good training in molecular techniques.  Computer skills and
knowledge in microscopy will be highly desirable.  We seek interactive,
self-motivated individuals who work well in a team environment and are
enthusiastic about interdisciplinary research.  Stipend is commensurate
with experience and demonstrated abilities.  Interested individuals should
contact: Dr. Eric Lam, Biotech Center, Rutgers University, New Brunswick,
NJ  08903.  email: Lam at

Eric Lam
Professor of Plant Science
Biotech Center, Foran Hall
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ  08903
Tel: 732-932-8165, ext.220
Fax: 732-932-6535
email: lam at


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