post-doctoral position in plant growth control

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Fri Sep 29 03:06:25 EST 2000

Postdoctoral Position in
Plant Molecular Genetics

To study the function of a mitotic cyclin in the regulation of
meristem activity and plant growth control in Arabidopsis

Mitotic cyclin cycB1;1 abundance limits plant root organ growth without
loss of developmental control (Doerner et al. Nature 1996 380 p520).
Subsequent work has shown that the Arabidopsis cyclin cycB1;1 promoter
comprises quantitative (positive and negative) and qualitative (cell cycle
timing) control elements.  Transgenic plants in which this cyclin is placed
under control of its own promoter lacking a negative element show enhanced
growth, indicating that the quantitative elements might be crucial targets
of plant growth control pathways.

Current Project
The aim of this project is to clone the cognate binding proteins, analyse
their function and determine how they are regulated.  This project could
include the following approaches:  One-hybrid cloning or partial
purification of cognate binding complexes and analysis by mass spectrometry
to fingerprint cognate proteins.  Functional analysis of candidate
regulators in transgenic Arabidopsis.  Molecular-physiological analysis to
identify signal pathways regulating cyclin abundance at G2/M.

This is an excellent opportunity for a driven individual to make a mark in
an exciting area of plant molecular biology.  Outstanding individuals with
experience in molecular biology, an interest in biochemistry and protein
are encouraged to apply.  The Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology at
the University of Edinburgh is an excellent environment for first-class
research.  Informal enquiries are encouraged (peter.doerner at
This position will be advertised shortly and is available immediately.

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