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A postdoctoral position funded for three years is available immediately
to work on meristem development in Arabidopsis.

The shoot apical meristem continuously provides new cells to build most
of the above-ground parts of plants. The Arabidopsis SHOOT MERISTEMLESS
gene keeps meristem cells undifferentiated and encodes a
protein. We aim to identify subordinate genes that mediate the effects of
STM on
cell division and differentiation, using two approaches. The first is to
mutants that suppress the effects of ectopic expression of STM, (based on
expectation that the genes may also mediate STM function in the meristem).
second is to use cDNA arrays to monitor changes in gene expression after
activation of STM. The arrays will also be used to test whether the
suppressors of
ectopic STM affect expression of a subset of the genes controlled by STM.

Applicants are expected to have a solid background on genetics and molecular
and the curiosity, initiative and determination required for work in a
competitive but
highly rewarding subject. Experience in positional cloning in Arabidopsis
will be
advantageous. Further details can be found on:

Salary on appointment will be within the range #19,500 to #23,000 per annum
on qualifications and experience. Staff have the opportunity to join a
superannuation scheme.

The John Innes Centre is a world-ranking centre of excellence in the  plant
and microbial
sciences and has superb state-of-the-art research  facilities. It has about
650 scientists
in 55 groups. Scientists enjoy  good sports and social facilities on a
pleasant campus at
the edge of the historic city of Norwich.

For an application form and further particulars write to the Personnel
Officer, John Innes
Centre, Norwich Research Park, Colney, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7UH, or E-mail
us at
JICPERS at BBSRC.AC.UK quoting reference number  35 09 71. The closing date for
application forms will be 15 May 2001.

For further details on the project, contact:
Dr. Robert Sablowski
Dept. Cellular and Developmental Biology - John Innes Centre
Norwich NR4 7UH
United Kingdom
Phone 44-1603-450530
FAX     44-1603-450045

Dr. Robert Sablowski
Molecular Genetics Dept.- John Innes Centre
Norwich NR4 7UH
United Kingdom

Phone 44-1603-450530
FAX     44-1603-450045


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