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Scott Poethig spoethig at
Tue Aug 7 14:19:01 EST 2001

<x-rich><fontfamily><param>Times</param><bigger><bigger>Applications are
invited for a post-doctoral position in the laboratory of Scott
Poethig, University of Pennsylvania, to study the role of nuclear
transport in the regulation of phase change in Arabidopsis and maize.
The successful candidate will use a variety of genetic and biochemical
approaches to identify and characterize proteins that interact with
HASTY, a gene required for the expression of the juvenile phase.

Interested persons should send a curriculum vitae and names, addresses
and phone numbers of three references to me at the address below.
Additional information about this position is available on request.
Applicants with experience in molecular biology and/or biochemistry
will be given preference. </bigger></bigger></fontfamily>


Scott Poethig

Plant Science Institute

Department of Biology

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6018

Phone: 215-898-8915

FAX: 215-898-8780

Email: spoethig at



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