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<font face="Courier New, Courier"><b>POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATES,
Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State University<br>
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Metabolic Engineering of Oilseeds<br>
I am looking for two well-trained, eager and imaginative molecular
geneticists to join a multidisciplinary program to understand and
manipulate the pathways of lipid synthesis in oilseeds using Arabidopsis
as a model.&nbsp; One project involves screening for desirable modifier
mutations in transgenic Arabidopsis and cloning the affected genes.&nbsp;
A second project is to alter the expression of specific genes in
transgenic plants.<br>
Applicants should have experience in genetics and/or molecular biology
but prior work with plants is not essential.&nbsp; My laboratory of 15
graduate students and postdocs already has projects on fatty acid and
lipid synthesis, and the Institute of Biological Chemistry at Washington
State University is an excellent research environment for the work that
is planned.<br>
The position will be available from November (but the start date is
flexible) for up to three years.&nbsp; Salary will be commensurate with
experience.&nbsp; Review of applications will begin immediately, and
continue until the position is filled.&nbsp; Send curriculum vitae, a
statement of research interests and career goals, representative
publications, and three letters of reference to:&nbsp; John Browse,
Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State University, Pullman,
WA 99164-6340, USA; telephone 509-335-2293; fax 509-335-7643; email
jab at; EOE/AA/ADA.<br>
<div>John Browse</div>
<div>Institute of Biological Chemistry</div>
<div>Washington State University</div>
<div>Pullman,&nbsp; WA 99164-6340</div>
<div>ph. 509-335-2293;&nbsp; FAX 509-335-7643;&nbsp; email:
jab at</div>
<div>lab&nbsp; 509-335-2337</div>
FedEx Clark Hall Rm. 299


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